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Getting Into Guitar Improvising

Getting Into Guitar Styles

Expanding Your Soloing

* Scott Reed graduated from USC with a degree in Studio Guitar *
* He has twice received music fellowships from
the National Endowment for the Arts *
* In addition to doing recording sessions he has played countless
shows throughout the United States including
the pre-Broadway premiere of Monty Pythons "Spamalot",
the world premier of Stewart Copeland's "The Invention of Morel",
the pre-Broadway premiere of "Paradise Square",
the pre-Broadway premiere of "The Devil Wears Prada",
the pre-Broadway run of "A Wonderful World" ,
and "Wicked" the musical as well as
concerts with Idina Menzel, Bernadette Peters, and many others *
* He is the author of  Getting Into Guitar Styles,
Getting Into Guitar Improvising, and Expanding Your Soloing,
from Mel Bay Publications *

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* The instrumental CD "Expedition" is a mixture of
Fusion, R&B, Latin, Rock, and World music *
* Available at *

"Varied musical experiences and influences combine to result in instrumental music with
a broad character. From a guitarist who has played concerts and shows throughout
the United States, and has written three guitar methods for Mel Bay Publishing" ..
Music Arts Monthly said : "really a pleasure to listen to" .

The International Musician says; " Getting Into Guitar Improvising : A Systematic Approach To Soloing, teaches improvisation methods to guitarists of all styles. Reed's comprehensive guide includes clear diagrams that make it easy to visualize the shape on the fingerboard... The clearly-written manual is perfect for the beginning guitarist, but an advanced guitarist will find it useful, interesting, and educational ."

Making Music Magazine says; " In Getting Into Guitar Styles Scott Reed looks at the different elements needed to play styles such as blues, rock, country, R&B, and classical as well as different styles of Jazz. Reed demonstrates the practical usage of scales and other musical elements. The book includes standard notation and tablature as well as fingerboard diagrams."

"Getting Into Guitar Improvising : A Systematic Approach To Soloing" provides numerous musical examples, promotes an understanding of the theory behind improvising, and also promotes better visualization of shapes on the fingerboard through the use of fingerboard diagrams. This intergrated approach to soloing can be applied to any style of music. This method will enhance the understanding of other materials including solo transcriptions. Many of the examples are on the companion CD.

"Getting Into Guitar Styles" is the guitarists guide to playing different styles. Styles such as Blues, Rock, Country, R&B, Funk, Latin, Fingerstyle, and Classical as well as different styles of Jazz are looked at. The book not only looks at and demonstrates different musical styles, but in the process shows the practical approach to using scales and other musical elements. Has standard notation and tablature as well as fingerboard diagrams. The companion CD is included.

"Expanding Your Soloing For The Guitarist" looks at musical techniques that expand the guitarists soloing mastery and fluency. It takes an extensive look at scale and arpeggio shapes throughout the fingerboard, and presents musical concepts that enhance and enrich one's knowledge and creativity. Visualization of shapes is enhanced through the use of extensive fingerboard diagrams and numerous musical examples are provided. For any guitarist interested in soloing expertise, the material here can be applied to any style of music.

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